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What makes work meaningful?

It’s a question we have all asked ourselves at one time or another “Is my work meaningful? and does it hold meaning for me, not just to others?”

The four-day work week

It is well-known that the longer you work, the less productive you are.

Results of the four-day work week experiments in Iceland, showed that when work hours were shortened, without a cut in pay, production remained the same.

Why? The workers were happier, had more time to spend with families, on hobbies and interests, fitness, got more sleep and most importantly, they had more time to do what they wanted.

The factors of meaningful work:

Studies have shown the following factors in what constitutes meaningful work:

  • You’re happy to do it, even if you were not being paid
  • Work which allows us to develop our natural talents, skills or interests
  • Autonous work, which gives us control over how and what we produce, and who we work with
  • Producing something of importance or meaning
  • Having valuable hobbies and interests outside of work, (and therefore having engaging, worthwhile activities to look forward to whilst working)

How can this become a reality?

We can all imagine if society simply stopped working tomorrow, then almost everything in our current world would collapse.

The question is not then ‘how can I stop work?’ but ‘how can I work the minimum number of hours, whilst still achieving my goals and producing the same, or better results’

First, we should seek to discover exactly what ‘meaningful’ is to us, and then actively pursue that activity.

Getting productive, or getting busy?

The next step is disentangling the necessary from the unnecessary, the ‘result-producing’ from simple ‘busy-ness’, to actively cutting, automating, or delegating tasks and benefitting from increased motivation, improved results, and less time on the job.

Lastly let’s not forget the forty-hour work week was embedded into society during the industrial revolution, when more labour hours directly equalled more output, and the expectation that another person in the household would take care of all the chores.

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