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What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a supportive learning relationship between an individual who shares knowledge, experience and wisdom with another individual, who is ready and willing to benefit from this exchange, to enrich their professional journey”. – Suzanne Faure

“Mentoring involves primarily listening with empathy, sharing experience (usually mutually), professional friendship, developing insight through reflection, being a sounding board and offering encouragement” – David Clutterbuck

What does Mentoring involve?

Mentoring focuses on the development of an individual, often with many wide ranging goals, building wisdom and knowledge and applying new skills and experience to new situations.

The mentoring process tends to evolve over time.

The Mentoring process can involve:

  • Identifying your true desire, or outcome
  • Reflecting on your present situation
  • Imagining and envisioning the future
  • Analysisng your values, and identifying what’s important to you
  • Commiting to being guided by those values as you progress
  • Reflecting on the past – what worked, for you, what didn’t
  • Talking through the options
  • Developing your skills
  • Applying new skills to new situations, and achieving different outcomes
  • Aligning your future with the one you envision
  • Working through any blocks, or challenges
  • Making conscious decisions to improve or empower yourself and your business
  • Reviewing your progress

What makes a good mentor relationship?

  • Enthusiasm and openness to new ideas
  • A willingness to challenge your way of thinking
  • A genuine desire to make positive changes, grow and develop
  • A good rapport between the Mentor and Mentee
  • Commitment to the mentoring process and the improvement of your business

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