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“If you want to improve your life, think in terms of energy” Stephanie Pettitt

Energy changes

Have you ever noticed changes in your energy when performing certain tasks, thinking certain thoughts, or being around certain people?

Energising your time

There are situations in life we know fill us with joy; that Friday feeling when 5pm rolls around, having a successful meeting or signing up a new client.

In contrast, perhaps feelings of dread when your taxes need filing, the deadline is looming and you need to collate a year of receipts, or unexpectedly bumping into your ‘less-than-favourite’ person.

Have you ever considered the less detectable feelings, when the ‘drain-response’ is more subtle and the overall effect this has on your daily energy?

Even slightly draining tasks can turn into long-term drains over a period of time, so be mindful and start considering the alternatives.

What tasks bring you joy?

Think about what tasks bring that ‘lifted’ feeling in your stomach.

  • Tasks you can’t wait to get started
  • Tasks which hold meaning and reward, or make you feel fulfilled
  • Tasks where your natural talents shine
  • Tasks which contribute to the development of skills and the challenges and rewards are pleasant
  • Tasks which you would not delegate or outsource, even if you could

How can I maximise joy in my work?

Start by writing a list of your tasks and noticing how your energy changes as you work through them.

  • Does it energise you?
  • Do you feel neutral about it?
  • Does it drain, or slightly drain you?

Next, note how you feel and consider if the task must be completed by you, or if it can be ditched, automated, delegated or outsourced.

Commit to actively seeking ways to do just that for the above categories.

Start to feel the benefits of focusing on work, which is joyful, rewarding, or at least absolutely necessary, which by now should be a smaller percentage of time.

Getting joyful, getting productive.

We if choose to put more time into the joyful elements of our work for the majority of the time, we are more likely to become the most productive, fulfilled, happy and successful version of ourselves.

Are you ready to evolve?

I’m committed to helping others achieve their goals. If you want to progress but are not sure how to get started, then drop me an email at so we can arrange a convenient time to chat. It’s time to evolve.

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