It’s time to evolve.

Evolve provide one-to-one business support to small businesses and entrepreneurs.
We offer admin, marketing and practical support, as well as coaching, mentoring and leadership packages.
All designed to help take your business to the next level.



Admin Assistance
Email management
Meeting planning
Schedule organisation
Office organisation
‘Girl Friday’ service


WordPress content editing
Social media campaigns
Mailchimp newsletters
Photography for product, profile, or promotional purposes
Business review and recommendations
Business improvement plan and implementation
Event management


Review and recommendation
Improvement plan and implementation
Software training


Achieve a specific goal
Improve performance
Create an action plan
Gain clarity in your direction, driven by your values
Develop awareness in your perceptions and beliefs
Gain confidence in skills and abilities


Reclaim your time

Outsourcing enables you to reclaim time, creating space to focus and develop. In times of change, this can be more important than ever.


Scale the level of support to suit your needs. No lengthy contracts to lock you in, just call us when you need a hand.

Work with real people

Whilst automation can be an extremely valuable tool, we guarantee you will always speak to a real, live person, and you will never be ‘given a ticket’ or ‘put in a queue’.


Running a business can be challenging at times. Having practical, as well as psychological support can help create confidence and momentum in achieving the goals you may be struggling to materialise alone.


Coaching gives you planned time to figure what you want, consider the options, identify challenges and create new opportunities.


Change requires forethought and planning.  Considering scenarios and creating an action plan puts the framework in place before taking the next step.


Taking targeted action is the way to start achieving your goals.


Accountability helps you follow through on completing tasks within a specific timeframe. It also helps track progress, reflect on your successes and consider the next steps.


We all want to be heard and responded to, particularly in times of change. Your messages will be responded to swiftly to ensure you get the support, guidance, or advice you need.

The Secret

The magic ingredient, which brings it all together. Human-ness. This is where the magic happens.


Choose from our range of purchase options.
By the hour, a block of six, or by the day.


Services by the hour

£35 per hour

Six Hours Plus

Buy six hours or more and save 15%

£30 per hour

Day Rate

Hire by the day and save 20%

£225 per day


What we do

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What you gain

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  • "If you are interested in knowing how the start a highly successful, ethical and sustainable business and the communications skills, expertise and sheer knowledge that goes along with this then look no further. Stephanie has all of this and more in abundance. She is enthusiastic, open and supportive. I recommend her at the highest level to all entrepreneurs."

    Carol Lewis Freelance SW education and research work, Groupwork and also spiritual counsellor
  • "Stephanie is an inspirational mentor and coach. She is passionate about business transformation and uses real life experiences to convey her knowledge and experience. She has developed her accounting business using her expertise, and explained in an excellent workshop how she grew her business and ideas using cloud computing."

    Sandy Weatherburn Founder & Director at Social Embers Digital estate management, internet afterlife, digital memorial advice @SocialEmbers
  • “Stephanie is fantastic in bringing guidance, support and encouragement in opening the mind, finding a new path and gaining confidence in financial projections. If your business has reached a crossroads, or you feel unsure as to which direction to take your business, Stephanie can help to take you and your business to the next level”

    Becky Winter RawXclusive Ltd
  • "I first met Stephanie when she delivered a presentation on her Cloud Accounting and Business Transformation. As someone new to business, for me this was not only informative but it was obvious that Stephanie has a wealth of knowledge and experience and translated that to a group of virtual business novices with ease. Stephanie has a unique quality of being able to inspire others, share her experiences and is generous in supporting new ideas and concepts of her clients - all whist underplaying her own successes and talents. Her down to earth natural approach creates an environment that makes it easy to learn and not afraid to ask questions. Our group were so impressed with Stephanie that we asked the organisers for her to return to the group to deliver more presentations. I highly recommend her"

    Kirsten Sare Learning and Development Coach
  • "Stephanie agreed to be a speaker at one of our Dorset Business Women Go Digital events where she presented on using Cloud Computing to manage the finances of your business. The workshop was a huge success and the delegates enjoyed the session so much that they asked us to invite her back. Her second session was all about transformational change and how to take your business forward and achieve all that you set out to do. We would not hesitate to use Stephanie again at a future event and/or utilise her expertise in Mentoring to benefit our clients."

    Andrea Richmond HR Administrator at the Southern Co-Operative
  • "I worked with Stephanie during my time at Wsx Enterprise and we invited Stephanie to share her experiences on Cloud Accounting and deliver a workshop on Business Transformation to the Dorset Business Women Go Digital programme. Stephanie was extremely adept at engaging with the group and she had a wealth of knowledge and experience and the group were impressed by her approach to them and she was indeed inspirational. I can certainly endorse her credentials as an excellent communicator and coach. So, if you get the chance to work with Stephanie, I would recommend you take it and I am confident that she will make a difference to you and your business."

    Lindsay Smith Engagement Officer at WSX
  • "I attended a workshop Stephanie did as part of "Dorset Women Go Digital" . Her talk on Cloud Accounting was very informative and her knowledge on this subject was fantastic! This subject could be deemed as quite technical and boring - but Stephanie made it extremely interesting and her down to earth manner kept me engaged throughout. So much so that I also attended a 2nd talk by Stephanie on Business Transformation. Again her professional but down to earth manner was a joy to listen to and I definitely took away many gems that I could use in my own business. I would highly recommend her"

    Trudy Ritsema IT Trainer
  • "The second time I met Stephanie, she returned upon the group’s request, to do a Business Transformation workshop for WXS Enterprise Women Go Digital, this time with her coaching and mentor hat on.Her session was insightful, forward thinking and authentic. Stephanie’s business experience was enlightening, as was her passion and account of her personal and business growth. Stephanie has clearly worked hard to get where she has now. She knew her stuff and explained how we could transform our businesses. What I also saw in Stephanie was an understanding of people; she is non-judgemental, authentic and empathetic. She just gets it! I took a great deal away from these sessions and I am very grateful to Stephanie for what she has taught me. I thoroughly recommend her in all areas of her work."

    Jane Askew Owner at Carers Connected
  • "Stephanie is a passionate, mindful and dynamic coach. I would highly recommend her for anyone who is stuck and needs help to move past barriers that are stopping them from developing in their business"

    Paul Scadding Director White Giraffe Solutions

Are you ready to evolve? Let’s talk

Stephanie Pettitt is an accountant, coach and entrepreneur whose passion is to help business owners succeed.

Background and approach

Combining the experience and expertise of her career in accountancy with her unique creative flair, Stephanie’s down-to-earth, values-based, finance-driven coaching style helps you to achieve positive, measurable change for growth, clarity and success in your business.

Are you ready to evolve?

  • You’re ready to to reach out and consider different options
  • You’re willing to hire supportive help
  • You’re committed to action and change

I am very happy to answer any questions and you are very welcome to contact me for a friendly one-to-one chat about your requirements. Ask a question, get help, or establish if we are a good fit. A quick email is the best way to contact me, so we can arrange a convenient time to chat.


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
Location: A10 Arena Business Centre, Holyrood Close, Poole, Dorset. BH17 7FJ
Telephone: 01202 069611


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